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GAIA devine mother,source of nature,you feed us when we live, hold us when we die. Everything comes from you,everything returns to you. What else could we call you but our Mother.

A Creative mind

With a passion for coming up with unique and outside-the-box ideas, while also experimenting with new processes and technique, you’re always in great hands with this creative and talented artistian.  Explore their Handmade Jewellery Maker Portfolio to learn more about their skill and style, see some of the projects they’ve done,  and see what they could do for you.

Taking the utmost care in creating beautiful cherished Keepsakes from precious inclusions such as Breastmilk, ashes, hair, placenta, cord stump,even  botanicals 

Casting Everlasting Memories to Hold.

~Beautiful Beyond Earth~

My Beautiful Mum jenene Who inspired me to go on this beautiful journey.love you mum xx


Why I create custom made jewellery:
I want to craft for families who have lost loved ones, pets and humans. I want to help heal a little and give them comfort for their loss. I have lost three babies, both my parents, my two grandpas, close friends and my very loved pets. I know the heart ache and if I can help with a little bit of healing then that’s my WHY!!

My custom pieces of jewellery will deliver a sense of healing and comfort to my clients. It will deliver peace of mind that their piece was crafted with such heart and soul.

I will create my custom pieces of jewellery by listening to you, hearing your stories and the stories of your lost loved ones. I will get to know you on a deeper level and then take that knowledge and use it to create a beautiful piece of jewellery, personalized with your chosen inclusions, creating something precious and ever lasting.

~Beautiful Beyond Earth~



What Would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?

-Vincent Van Gogh-

To offer my Clients the best experience, and to connect with my clients on a personal level, ill be taking 5 orders at a time to ensure im not overlaoded this will also ensure shorter wait times in getting your order back, 2-6 weeks. if there is any delay i will contact you to discuss further. I pride myself on working hard and making my clients happy by giving them the best experience i can offer. please be patient i will get to all client orders and i promise you the wait will be worth it, lOOK FORWARD TO CRAFTING FOR YOU .

                                                               -Beautiful Beyond Earth-

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