I can craft with Breastmilk, formula or cows milk that represents the connection to your little one and to symbolise your special journey. The milk is preserved with a special formula to prevent discoloring.

Loved ones Ashes

I can craft with cremation ashes both Human and animal, encapsulating your precious loved ones to hold forever and to pass on down to Generations.






I can craft a special piece from human hair and fur crafted into a precious piece you can wear and hold close forever.


I can craft with dried placenta it can be made into something beautiful to celebrate your pregnancy and birth journey with your little one.

Cord Stump

I can craft with your new little ones dried cord stump capturing your little ones first days after birth, it can be made into something really beautiful.


I can craft special pieces from dried botanicals, you might have a favorite flower that reminds you of some one or you might want to preserve your wedding flowers into a beautiful keepsake. 

I can even craft with dirt, you might have a special place you want to hold close.

Other Inclusions

If there is something i have not mentioned please don’t hesitate to send me a email @ [email protected] and we can discuss what you would like to be made into jewellery.

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