Large Too Beautiful for earth Angel Baby


How cute is this large sleeping angel baby? so peacefully sleeping, without a care in the world, how beautiful would it be to have this angel baby in your home in memory of your precious little one. sometimes something so simple can help us heal in ways we never knew possible.

This Beautiful largeTo Beautiful for earth Angel Baby, is a beautiful way to capture a lost little one and  can be done with any inclusions .It is crafted with care and love



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Ashes, Botanicals, Breastmilk, Cord Stump, Hair, Other, Placenta

Inclusions 2

Ashes, Botanicals, Breastmilk, Cord Stump, Hair, No second Inclusion, other, Placenta

Mica colour

Blue, Gold, Green, No Colour, ombre of two colours, Other, Pearl, Pink, Purple

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