Raven Skull Pendant


The Raven Skull is a symbolism of wisdom and knowledge-keeping is connected with the welsh hero bran the blessed whose name means raven.

This stunning raven pendant is unique and a great pendant to encapsulate your precious inclusions, great men style pendant, women can also rock this Raven skull. leather cord necklace included.

Spoil your self today you deserve it xx

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Ashes, Botanicals, Breastmilk, Cord Stump, Fur, Hair, Other, Placenta

Inclusions 2

Ashes, Botanicals, Breastmilk, Cord Stump, Fur, Hair, No second Inclusion, other, Placenta

Mica colour

Blue, Gold, Green, No Colour, ombre of two colours, Other, Pearl, Pink, Purple, Rainbow

Unicorn Sparkles

No Unicorn Sparkles, Yes Unicorn Sparkles

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