Shelly Heart European Bead


Is your pandora style bracelet needing a special style bead? is it needing a bead that will catch peoples eye? of course it is, and of course you want it, and you deserve it right? yes you do.This Shelly European Bead, is a nice big heart bead that will go any pandora style Bracelet and or chain for a necklace finished off with sterling silver bead grommets. very stunning and will encapsulate your inclusions perfectly.

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Ashes, Botanicals, Breastmilk, Cord Stump, Hair, Other, Placenta

Inclusions 2

Ashes, Botanicals, Breastmilk, Cord Stump, Hair, No second Inclusion, other, Placenta

Mica colour

Blue, Gold, Green, No Colour, ombre of two colours, Other, Pearl, Pink, Purple

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